PBS’ Wired Science ‘The Grapes of Math’

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Tonight, Wednesday, Dec. 19th, PBS will air The Grapes of Math as part of its Wired Science series (8 p.m. Ch. 9). The program claims to provide “a wine-tasting trip to some of California’s most technologically advanced vineyards”, and focusses on what correspondent Ziya Tong calls winemaking’s “dirty little secret”: the increasing use of science and technology by winemakers. She highlights two wineries in particular, Clos de la Tech, owned by T.J. Rogers, the founder and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor, and Havens Wine Cellars, owned by Michael Havens.

I’ll post comments after a thorough viewing.



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  1. paul said,

    on January 2nd, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    Finally saw this program. I can’t imagine that there are many winemakers, certainly in CA, that don’t do some manipulation. For that matter, one has to define the term ‘manipulation’, which could be pretty broad.

    There are a few others around knowingly and openly manipulating their wine. I think it’s all about balance in approach while letting what comes in from the vineyard show what it’s got. Not having sufficient winemaking experience means I don’t know how to do that. But the show certainly provide a heads-up that there’s more to it than just letting a bunch of grapes ferment then sticking the result in a bottle.

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