A Decade Of Wine Industry Highlights

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The following list is a highly selective, somewhat whimsical compilation of this decade’s wine industry highlights, obituaries excepted, of course. Contributors are the three founders of Reign of Terroir: Ken Payton, Karl Laczko and Donna Childers-Thirkell. And Brandon Miller joins in.
Wine in the news
2000 – The expected shortage of Champagne to see in the new Millennium fails to materialise, those clever French marketers!
The Italian Wine Scandal of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009
2001 – Aniane became the poster child against Globalization with the election of Communist Party candidate Diaz as Mayor.
2001 – Jamie Goode starts writing his Wine Anorak Blog, still going strong.
2002 – Nothing of note happened in the wine world except for the founding of Gerry Dawes’s Spain wine blog and…,
February 2002 – E&J Gallo Buys Martini Winery
August 2002 – Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices developed by the Wine Institute and the California Association of Winegrape Growers.
2002 – Winemaker Randall Graham of Bonny Doon promises to bottle all of his wines with Stelvins, even staging mock funerals mourning the “death of the cork.”
2003 – The new Cru Bourgeois classification.
2003 – The heatwave vintage in Europe makes for atypically ripe wines, a sign of things to come?
2003 – Australian brush fires
2003 – Crushpad starts their “winemaking for all” business
2004 – Jonathan Nossiter releases Mondovino. R. Parker’s head explodes
2004 – CellarTracker launched with 265 members
2004 – First Decanter World Wine Awards with 4,500 wine entries (the 2009 had over 10,000).
2004 – 30th anniversary of Bronco Wine Company
2004 – Constellation buys Robert Mondavi Corp.
2004 – the wine blog Wine Terroirs founded
2004 – the wine blog Vinography founded
April-May 2004 – The great Pavie debate between Parker and Robinson on the 2003 vintage
2005 – Sideways released influencing Pinot Noir & Merlot sales disproportionately!
2005 – Decanter Magazine celebrates 30 year anniversary
2005 – The latest of Bordeaux’s “Vintage of the Century”, to which 2009 may soon be added!
2005 (onwards) – Militant French Winemakers CRAV make noise
2005 – Gary Anderson torches Sausalito Cellars to cover his tracks as he’d already sold off millions of $ of the wine supposedly stored there. Found guilty in Nov. ‘09.
2005 – the wine blog Catavino founded
February 21, 2006 – Wine Library TV starts
2006 – Jay-Z abandons Cristal Champagne
2006 – 2009 the new St. Emilion classification is created in 2006 and lawsuit filed over conflict of interest and the subsequent lawsuits, suspension, over-ruling of the suspension, fresh appeals, INAO reinstating the 1996 classification using emergency powers, and more appeals, and so on and so forth. Though seemingly resolved with the French court of appeal, this hot mess will probably be continued in 2010.
2006 – Schwarzenegger vetoes Zinfandel as the official historic wine of California
August 2006 – Bill Koch files lawsuit against Hardy Rodenstock over the Jefferson and other bottles.
2006 – Australian brush fires
2007 – Bonny Doon downsizes
2007 – Buena Vista Carneros, California’s first premium winery, celebrates its 150th Anniversary
2007 – Cavitas introduces High Power Ultrasonic barrel cleaning technology
2007 – The Cru Bourgeois classification is overturned due to conflict of interest. Resolved in 2009 with the elimination of Superieur and Exceptionnel levels.
2008 – Fresno State releases its 10th vintage
2008 – Open Wine Consortium founded
2008 – 1st North American and European Wine Bloggers Conferences held
2008 – Wine Spectator scammed into giving a non-existent restaurant an Award of Excellence
2008 – Alice Feiring’s ‘The Battle for Wine and Love’ published
2008 – rapper Lil Jon releases first wine
2008 – Australia wine sales plummet in the UK and US, ending a 15 year streak of increased export.
2008 – Hong Kong abolishes all duties and taxes on wine, setting itself up as an Asian hub for wine merchants & auctions.
2009 – Crushpad announces Bordeaux branch
2009 – Ebay emerges as a primary source of rare wine bottles for counterfeiters.
2009 – FTC regulates bloggers
2009 – 2nd annual North American and European Wine Bloggers Conferences
2009 – Wines and Vines celebrates 90th year of publication
2009 – Fires sweep across Australia destroying both vines and some wineries.
2009 – Bottle Shock released on the Judgement of Paris tasting of 1976 and forever confusing Stephen Spurrier with Alan Rickman!
2009 – Michael Broadbent wins libel suit against the publisher of the book ‘The Billionaire’s Vinegar’
2009 – The founding of Palate Press
2009 – ‘Liquid Memory’ by Jonathan Nossiter released. M. Steinberger’s head explodes
2009 – Calistoga becomes America’s newest AVA
And a long, but by no means complete list of obituaries
2009 – Alsace winemaker Jean (Johnny) Hugel
2009 – Oregon winemaker Gary Andrus
2009 – McDonald “Don” Blackburn, California
2009 – Long Island vintner Christian Wölffer, NY
2009 – Cornwall vintner George Musgrave, UK
2009 – Filippo Casella, founder of Casella Wines (Yellowtail), Australia
2008 – Robert Mondavi, California
2008 – Pioneering Australian winemaker Trevor Drayton
2008 – Pioneering Oregon winemaker David Lett
2008 – Didier Dagueneau, Pouilly-Fumé
2008 – Tom Shelton, former head of Joseph Phelps Winery, California
2008 – John Cossart, Henriques & Henriques (Madeira),
2008 – Abruzzo pioneer winemaker Gianni Masciarelli, Italy
2007 – Ernest Gallo, California
2007 – Sancerre winemaker Nicolas Reverdy
2007 – Austrian winemaker, Alois Kracher
2006 – Robert ”Bobby” Fetzer, California
2006 – Henri Jayer, the French Burgundy winemaker
2006 – Willy K Frank, Finger Lakes, NY
2005 – Burgundy winemaker Philippe Engel
2005 – Tibor Gál, Hungarian Winemaker
2004 – Jim Barry, Clare Valley winemaker
2004 – Romain Lignier, winemaker French Burgundy
2004 – Lonen Curtis, owner, Jocelyn Lonen Vineyards
2003 – Australian winemaker John Stanford
2003 – Diana Cullen, pioneering Margaret River winemaker
2003 – Mario Schiopetto, Friuli, Italy
2002 – Victor Manola, Silver Sage Winery, British Colombia
2002 – Bruce Duncan Guimaraens, winemaker for Taylor Fonseca, Portugal
2002 – Champagne winemaker Daniel Thibault
2002 – Justin Meyer, Silver Oak Cellars, California
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  1. 1WineDude said,

    on December 22nd, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    A fantastic look back.. through a wine glass (darkly)!

  2. Admin, Ken Payton said,

    on December 22nd, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    Thank you, Joe. A pleasure whenever you drop by!

  3. Chris said,

    on December 23rd, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Great look at the decade! Here is the next 10 years.

  4. Ian Griffith said,

    on December 28th, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    A wine story that nicely bookends the decade is the role of Chateau & Estate Wines as the leading importer of Bordeaux. The decade starts with Seagram selling C&E, through Vivendi to Diaego. Now after a decade in the hands of the drinks giant they have passed on recent vintages and begun selling off their stocks. Stay tuned for the impact on the US Bordeaux market.

  5. C Johnston said,

    on December 30th, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Thank you for the decade review. Note that you list recent publications as part of your site. One not mentioned and found to be a refreshing approach on the subject out of the Napa Valley, Sippin’ on Top of the World, Toasting Good Times and Better Days by David White. Suggest checking it out.

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